Water for Health

The Brief

Water for Health are an online provider of holistic health supplements and water-improving products started by Roddy MacDonald in 2007.

Water for Health first approached Contact for a Marketing Intelligence Report. Our report highlighted that Water for Health’s keyword rankings were sadly in decline. By taking on our ongoing SEO services and by working with a dedicated writer Water For Health have seen a great increase in organic traffic, domain authority and sales.

Keyword Report

Our initial keyword report for Water For Health analysed the search terms used relating to holistic health products for the entire UK market. By analysing the terminology people use around products, you can identify opportunities for your company to improve their search rankings. Our initial report encompassed 35,550 search terms and provided Roddy and the team at Water for Health with a strong overview of their market.

By working with their dedicated copywriter Ronnie McCluskey, Water for Health are always looking to identify content marketing opportunities in the field of holistic health, particularly around new products and trends. As a consequence of this, WfH has commissioned 11 keyword mini-reports from Contact, covering 25,600 search terms. SEO in the holistic health market is highly competitive and new trends emerge constantly, so maintaining a strong grasp on their market position has been essential to the online success of Water for Health.

30 to 41 DA

Domain Authority Growth


Organic Traffic Growth


Increase in Sales


More Sales From Organic Traffic Than All Other Channels Combined

SEO Recovery

At their SEO peak Water for Health ranked for 2,480 keywords. By the time of Contact’s initial Marketing Intelligence Report, this has dropped to just 417 keywords by January 2018. A technical analysis from Contact identified a few key technical factors which were causing difficulty for Google to crawl the page. By working with WfH’s web team changes technical were implemented alongside wider SEO practices.

We were then enlisted to aid Water For Health in their ongoing SEO. By June 2018, Water for Health’s position had been recovered to 1,930 keywords – a 350% increase in just 6 months. To complement this there was a 24.16% increase in sales year-on-year.

Keyword Recovery

We have been working with Alan Fair of Contact online for close on 1 year. When we first began working with them they highlighted through their extensive Marketing Intelligence Report that we were losing keywords at a very high rate. Action was implemented to stem the flow and turn this problem around. Six months further on we are seeing a significant growth in organic traffic and higher conversions. This is reflected in a growth of over 20% on last year, and the upward trend is accelerating. We are very pleased with progress.

Roddy MacDonald

Managing Director, Water For Health

Alan and his team’s exhaustive keyword research and analysis helped inform our copy and content strategy, enabling us to target relevant industry keywords and drive web traffic/boost search ranking. Alan’s also been incredibly helpful in passing on wisdom he’s accrued over years of digital marketing and in particular has a forensic knowledge of the complex beast that is Google. It’s been a pleasure working with Alan and learning from him; he helps to simplify complex issues and has a friendly, easygoing manner. Can’t recommend him highly enough!

Ronnie McCluskey

Copywriter, Water for Health

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