Branding and Graphic Design

Your brand is your business's personality. Make it likeable.

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More than a logo. More than brand guidelines. A design system.

Your brand is the sum of how other people perceive your business. It is your business’s
personality. Whether it is professional or fun, modern or classic, colourful or monochrome
your brand should accurately reflect the unique mark your business is trying to make
on the world.

Great brands add value. They are the reason why Nike, Apple or Starbucks can
charge more than their competitors – because people see value in the brand.

At Contact, we understand the value of great branding. If the brand is wrong, every
other aspect of marketing your business becomes so much more difficult. Our only goal for our social media clients is to build a winning strategy that leverages your brand and your products in front of the right audience at the right time.

Your brand is more than a logo it encapsulates everything about your offering – from the print on a business card to the pixels on a page.

Branding and Design

As marketers, we believe that great design is important at every stage of the customer journey.

Print Design
Advertising Design
Social Media Graphics
Social Media Assets
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines & Design Systems
Website and App UI

Branding and Design Process

We have a process in place to ensure than your brand communicates the value of your offering - beautifully and effectively.

What makes competitor brands stand out? What are they doing well? Are there angles we could utilise to make you stand out in your field? 
Develop and Collaborate
Our award-winning designer will work with you on 3 different logos. 3 further refinements on the chosen logo will take us to the point where you're happy. 
You'll be presented with your logo in vector format, alongside brand guidelines. If you need help rolling out your new brand across your social channels, website and print materials we'll happily assist. 

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