Customer Insight Report

Understand what customers need through what they search.

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Customer Insight Report

Do you understand the motivations of your customer? Do you understand their behaviours leading up to a purchase?

By analysing the behaviours of your customers online we can create an informative and actionable report that will help you guide more customers to the point of conversion.

We promise to go into ridiculous detail.

We won’t abandon you with the results either: by consultation over the phone, by meeting in person or with detailed support documentation we can help you turn analysis into action and reports into results.

Understanding customer needs is vital to any sales and marketing strategy. Your product or service can be the answer they're looking for.

Understand the Market with Search Data
Gauge Demand for Services
Inform Content Strategy
Inform Social Media
Gauge Demand Locally
Improve Your SEO

How the Report benefits your business

We can help you to focus on the actual demand for your products and help create a long-term content strategy that is driven by what people actually want.

Sortable Search Terms
Our researchers will give you a report containing thousands of search teams, easily sortable by competitiveness, traffic volume and Google Ad value.
Pick Out Search Terms
Use the report to pick out search terms that your company can compete on. Create website content focused on these search terms and improve your SEO.
Inspire Website Contant
As you’ll know the questions your customers are asking online you can use this to inspire non-website content such as social media, infographics or video.

Featured Case Study

In Leads In 3 Years
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How one small retailer got over £13.6m in customer enquiries with Search


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