Catherine’s of Partick

The Brief

Catherines of Partick, a Glasgow-based boutique, has a long and rich history providing exquisite Mother of the Bride Dresses, Evening Wear and Prom Dresses. It’s a family run business where attention to detail is crucial to a customer being happy – something they certainly excel at!

Catherines first approached Contact in 2013 to have their website rank higher on search engines. Over a multi-year, multi-prong approach which eventually resulted in a brand-new mobile optimised website, Catherines saw a 200% increase in website traffic and a 300% increase in inquiries!

Analytics Reporting

Great SEO requires research and the first port-of-call for Catherines was a detailed historic analytics report. This report provided a deep-dive into historic visitor behaviour to the website and helped identify patterns of behaviour, trends, and demographics.

This also allowed Catherines to identify the sources of traffic to their website that offered the best return on investment. For example, by identifying the locations that customers were visiting from, Catherines gained an understanding of where best to spend on localised advertising.

Our experience with Contact has been excellent – they are very reliable and easy to work with, dealing with requests in a timely fashion and relaying information/feedback on a regular basis. The team is full of great ideas and we have seen the results of this hard work very quickly. We would recommend Contact to anyone looking for a fresh approach to SEO and hope to continue working with them for a long time.

Candice Nicol, Director at Catherine's of Partick

Candice Nicol

Director, Catherines of Partick

Competitor Report

The next stage for Catherines was a Competitor Analysis Report. By gaining an understanding of the digital strategy of three primary competitors, Catherines could enhance their own online approach. By identifying which keywords competitors were targeting, what technologies they used, what their social media strategy was and which products or services they prioritised, Catherines gained a real understanding of their market.

Keyword Report

The final report we delivered for Catherines set the record for the biggest Epic Keyword Analysis Report we had done. By researching a whopping 925,000 keyword combinations we gained as close to a complete insight as possible into the search trends in Catherines’ industry. Don’t get us wrong – a lot of those combinations yielded no searches. By performing such a thorough review, we could action a new SEO strategy with complete confidence.

Mobile Optimised Website

A blazing fast and mobile responsive website optimised for clear and intuitive customer journeys is often excellent for both SEO and sales. When Catherines approached us to create just that we were thrilled to build them something that represented the excellence of their brand online.


Keywords Crunched


Traffic Growth


Increase in Inquiries

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