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The Mentor Hub - MCR Pathways

With a mentoring community of over 1000 mentors that’s growing every single year MCR Pathways approached Contact with the requirement of building a web app that could manage a community: their discussions, their events, their courses and their feedback. 

The Mentor Hub combines resources, forums, learning management software and mentoring appointments. 

iPad with screenshot of the Mentor Hub's resource centre

The Mentor Hub is an online ‘one-stop-shop’ designed for the MCR Pathways mentor community.

Mentor Hub PWA

The Mentor Hub is an example of a Progressive Web Application. This allows for a large part of the Hub to be stored locally on the Mentor’s device but, unlike deployment through traditional app stores, allows MCR Pathways to roll out changes instantly. Additionally, users will be able to opt in for push notifications directly on their devices.

Mentor Hub Forums

The Mentor Hub has integrated forums (both local and national) which allows for the creation of dialogue between mentors – sharing the success and challenges they’re encountered on their journey. These forums allow for knowledge transfer between experienced mentors and less experienced mentors, further facilitating the delivery of quality mentoring without the need of direct intervention from MCR Pathways. The forums replace a Facebook Group which, while active, suffered from being on an external platform.

Mentor Hub Resources

One of the technical foundations of the Mentor Hub is the ability to restrict content on a local authority level – this allows for particular resources, forums and courses to either completely localised or rolled out on a place-by-place basis.

Mentor Relationship Manager (MRM)

In addition to having everything in one place for the Mentor, we also developed software that allows school-based Pathways Co-ordinators to manage all their mentoring appointments in one place.

Additionally, the MRM software sends out email notifications and reminders regarding the Mentor’s weekly feedback to increase conversion rates.


Web App and Deliverables

A blazing fast and mobile first web app experience built with all the power and flexibility of WordPress at its best. 

iPhone home screen with Mentor Hub app icon
Mentors Managed
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