Broadband Angel

The Brief

Broadband Angel is a new service designed to be the consumer champion in the broadband space. By continuously monitoring the speed and reliability of your broadband connection the Broadband Angel can prove if your service is up to scratch, and if not, allow you to challenge your service provider directly – helping to eliminate any nasty cancellation fees.

Broadband Angel worked exclusively with Contact to manage the entire branding and web development process.

Logo Design

The imagery around angels involves them silently watching over and championing people. As consumer advocates in the internet space, monitoring your broadband connection and alerting you around downtime and worse-than-advertised bandwidth, Broadband Angel leans heavily into the silent champion imagery. So we stuck a halo on it.

broadband angel's mascot fxr6
an illustration of a woman looking at her smartphone

To use the term ‘one hit wonder’ may be misleading but the team at Contact only need one brief and what they return with hits the mark immediately with a long-lasting impact. They understand and interpret even the most complicated products and enhance the process by suggesting new creative approaches. The team excels at blending appealing front-end design seamlessly with the complicated back end of web development.

Sarah Shannon

Marketing Manager, Broadband Angel

Mascot Development

As Broadband Angel champions the customer, having a mascot that advocates on behalf of the user was essential. FXR6, the curious robot with a halo, is the avatar for continuously monitoring the connections of its owners – emphasising the USP of Broadband Angel.

Web Design

A fully mobile responsive website with a focus on the home page as a landing page as the first iteration of the site – with the specific campaign goal of gaining 100 new customers was designed and built. By using large colour blocks to clearly define sections and halo-topped cards to present information, the various benefits of Broadband Angel – for the consumer and for families – is clearly communicated to the visitor.

New Logo

New Mascot

New Website

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