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The Brief

802 take on major connectivity challenges head-on: they are responsible for the intelligent WiFi systems you see in many town centres, sporting areas, and shopping centres.

802 have been working with Contact for 7+ years but they recently approached us for a brand refresh and we were more than happy to deliver a brand as modern and forward-thinking as the systems 802 implement.

Logo Design

802’s new logo is fresh and ultramodern. The standard WiFi wave symbol has actually been made wavy while the green-blue gradient, representing grass and the sky, emphasises the ubiquity of 802s wifi solutions.

an illustration of a woman looking at her smartphone

A big thanks to the Contact team for the fantastic work they did in creating the new 802 website. Absolutely delighted with the design, layout and site navigation.

The site is fresh and engaging and reflects the culture and ethos of 802.
If you want a proper business website there is only one place to go…Contact.

A pleasure to do business with you and looking forward to the SEO element delivering even greater results.

Felix Gibson

Director, 802 Works

Website Development

To complement the new logo, we developed a fast and mobile optimised website to match with a super mobile friendly mega-menu.

Infographic design

We designed infographics, ideal for both web and social media, to help 802 communicate the value of their service based on their results.

New Logo

New Website


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