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A website can be the foundation of any digital strategy, it’s not just something you throw up online because you think you need one, it’s an extension of your sales and marketing team, one that can work for you 24/7/365 days a year.

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Discovery Session

Our Discovery Session(s) takes you through the full planning process to identify the overall business objectives, goals and calls to action in order for us  to create a comprehensive web brief document. This document will form the basis of the site build and will help to achieve your online business goals.

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We create a sitemap, or flowchart,  to illustrate the layout of the site and how the content is arranged and linked.  At this stage, we may propose a new flow based on our extensive knowledge of Google and tested user behaviour. This can continue to change and develop as we progress through the session(s).

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User Experience Analysis

This part of the discovery session(s) considers the required goals and outcomes of the website. We look at user behaviour patterns and best practice to ensure the user experience matches your expectations. If the aim is to have a visitor fill out a form, call a number or buy a product, we ensure that the site flow helps to accomplish this.

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Wireframe Prototypes

When it comes to the user journey, the key is to keep things simple.  This is the actual layout that based on User Journey/Experiences discussion and planning, we take into consideration things like mobile phones, tablets and Desktops/Laptops for the  User Journey/Experience as they may have to vary slightly to get the most out of the devices and not overly complicate it for the users.

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Once we are able to match the user experience with the wireframes, the next step is to ensure that the website looks attractive to visitors. The most effective websites strike a careful balance between functionality and eye-catching design. Using responsive design practices we combine the best modern design frameworks with your brand values and brand identity and iterate from there until you’re completely happy.

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The next step in the process is coding, This is when we break the visuals down into HTML/CSS code and individual graphic elements. Faster loading times benefit the User Journey/Experience as visitors don’t have to wait for pages to load content. This feature is ranked highly by Google and your site is therefore rewarded with a greater search engine status.

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Once the coding is complete the site begins to take shape. A staging version allows you to interact with the website before it goes live, testing page loading speeds, the user journey, design, and layout. This is not the final version but will help to illustrate the importance of the previous steps. It also provides an opportunity to ensure that nothing has been left out of the planning stages and to highlight what still needs to be done.

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We admittedly get rather excited by the testing phase. This is a stage that cannot be rushed. Testing the user journey/experience is vital to ensure that the website works well not only on modern browsers and devices but, if possible, on older devices too.

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Going Live

Once everything is tested and approved, it’s time to launch your amazing new website!

Development Considerations

We are extremely thorough throughout every step of the process as we want to make sure that when the website is launched every single aspect has been considered. That means ensuring Search Engines like Google and Bing can understand the content on your website, opening the door for visitors to access to your website as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Information Architecture Planning

Pattern Translation (UX/UI)

WCAG (WAI & ARIA) Standards Compliance

Schema Compliance

DDA Compliance (Disability Discrimination Act)

Mobile First Process with Progressive Enhancement for Tablets and Desktops

Enhanced Device Capabilities (GPS type functionality on Mobiles)

Asset Optimisation – HTML/CSS/JavaScript, SVG/Image Optimisation

Network Consideration Performance

Page Weight Performance

Cross Browser Testing

Cross Device Testing

Following Google Search Engine Standards for Maximising Site Ranking


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Alan from Contact was recently a presenter at our workshop for Collabor8te members, giving a very informative and common-sense session. His knowledge of SEO is clear but what’s really impressive for someone who works in what is sometimes seen as some kind of black art, is that Alan also really understands marketing so everything is linked together. Definitely recommended if you’re looking to get better results from your website and digital marketing!”

Teresa Jackson

Director, Collabor8te

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Our experience with Contact has been excellent – they are very reliable and easy to work with, dealing with requests in a timely fashion and relaying information/feedback on a regular basis. The team is full of great ideas and we have seen the results of this hard work very quickly. We would recommend Contact to anyone looking for a fresh approach to SEO and hope to continue working with them for a long time.

Candice Nicol, Director at Catherine's of Partick

Candice Nicol

Director, Catherines of Partick

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I’ve worked with Alan from Contact twice now – first at a Social Media seminar when his presentation gave insight into SEO and social media engagement; and second when he conducted a training afternoon for us on Data Analytics. On both occasions, he received excellent feedback from attendees and we plan to hold a follow-up session next year.

Nikki Simpson

PPA Scotland

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“Contact are an exceptionally talented company, knowledgeable and personable individuals. They turned what had become somewhat of a headache for me into nothing short of a delight. Nothing is ever too much trouble and in fact going above and beyond is simply part of this package. Contact are a rare mix able to blow you away with both technical solutions and creative ideas. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Them, grab it with both hands. Friendly, fun and enthusiastic at all times…a sheer delight.”

Alison McKay

Voiceover Artist

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