Are you tired of your website underdelivering?

It's time for a refresh.

Beautifully Designed, Customer Focused, Highly Effective is what your website should be – something to be proud of.

It’s your most valuable marketing asset, capable of making sales by itself yet many business owners are disappointed with their website’s performance.

Want to get more out of your online presence?

Want functionality that saves time and makes your business more money?

Want a bespoke solution for your website?

We specialise in taking an old website and giving it a spit an polish…well it’s a bit more than that but it will look shiny!

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Curious to know what the Refresh Package has in it?

Package includes the following:

At Contact, for over 15 years we’ve believed in every business having an online presence that works inline with their business goals.

We understand how to design faster, more attractive websites and improve the user journey throughout the site to increase your website conversions.

The Refresh website package is the sum of all our knowledge and skills – our top design and our best practices applied together.

The package is perfectly suited to existing businesses who feel their website is under performing or doesn’t reflect the excellence of their people, their product / service or their brand.

If you need a stylish and functional new website get in touch, we think you’ll love what we can do for your business.

Sites that have been Refreshed before

Here are a selection of sites that we have Refreshed recently.

Extra Functionality

Companies who purchase our Refresh Package can choose from one of the following additional features:

Brand Refresh
Copywriting Services
Newsletters & Lead Magnets
Live Chat
Subscriptions & Payments
2 x Social Banner Graphics

A campaign ready website

This refresh package is not a template. This is not a brochure. This is the heart of your marketing so we treat it with care.

We provide a truly bespoke website design, optimised for your brand, your goals and your target market. Websites are too important for compromise. 

With a stunning homepage, rich blog pages and up to ten campaign-ready landing pages for your products and services, your new website will act as the perfect hub for all your digital marketing.

Our websites are performance optimised and we seek to provide the functionality that empowers your business.

Websites can be more than a brochure or a trust indicator, they can also be a sales machine.

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Think it's time for a Refresh of your website?

We understand that redesigning your website is a big decision. We’d love to talk it through with you.

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Is your website costing you customers? Our free report tells you what’s broken. We won’t pester you.

If your business has more complex needs.

Create unique invoice payment forms for your customers - giving them an easy way to pay.

Manage bookings for your business - taking payments and updating staff calenders.

Manage projects with clients - providing them with logins to a bespoke project space.

Integrate with your company's event calendar and facilitate ticket sales or RSVP.

Manage affiliate programmes - including sign up, resources and payouts.

Manage the selling of houses - create a fully featured estate agency or property management website.

Manage large online retail sales - create an e-commerce website that can deal with many products and transactions.

Teach a course online - manage video playlists, course sales, tests and resources.

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