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Spun out from famed product design firm 4c and with internationally recognised research vets Moderun and CSIRO, Numnuts (Senesino Ltd.) is a 9 year passion product to improve ethical outcomes in sheep farming. By combining a standard rubber-ring applicator with the delivery of local anaesthetic, targeted pain relief is achieved in docking and castration procedures.

Numnuts needed a website that could allow farmers to estimate the cost of numnuts, take reservations for the initial rollout and sell the product in international markets – starting with Australia.

iPad with screenshot of Numnut's estimator form landing page

Numnuts have spent 9 years designing, testing and validating an ethical solution for farmers – allowing farmers to appeal to today’s more ethics focused consumer.

Screenshot of farm information step of the estimator form created for Numnuts

Allowing farmers to build realistic estimates for the cost of Numnuts was key to showing them how cost effective ethical practice is.

This product, having been under development for almost 10 years and offering a genuinely disruptive proposition, required its rollout to be carefully considered. Launching initially in Australia (the largest sheep market outside of China) some key business logic needed to be reflected on the website:


Staggered international rollout of an innovative new product, which injects controlled medicines into livestock and needs to be delivered to some of the most rural locations on Earth is no small task.  Here’s what we did:

Screenshot of quote step of the estimator form created for Numnuts
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