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MCR Pathways

MCR Pathways approached Contact with a problem: their old WordPress website was creaking at the seams, was not mobile first and didn’t have the information architecture to allow them to scale their content nationally. We built the solution. 

MCR Pathways have spent 10 years helping some of Scotland’s most disadvantaged children by pairing them with mentors. Spending just 1 hour a week with a mentor has resulted in radically improved results.

Screenshot of the multistage Mentor Profile sign up form for the MCR Pathways Website

Taking a website that was built for Glasgow and getting it ready for the whole country.

For most of MCR’s ten year history they focused on building their presence in Glasgow – starting in St. Andrews Academy and expanding to the entire local authority. While this was a stunning achievement it meant their entire marketing stack from the website through to micro-sites, brochures and social media were laser focused on one area.

When the call came to roll the programme out to various local authorities across Scotland the need to change the website, the heart of their marketing, became more apparent.

This is where we came in. We worked closely with the MCR team so that local campaigns could live on the national stage, so that each authority felt represented and that MCR’s brand could be used consistently in new applications.


The impetus was to create a website that captured the imagination of potential mentors on both a national and local level. Taking MCR’s 400+ pieces of content and working them into a scruture that was compelling to every single user was a priority. 

Screenshot of the MCR Pathways mentor journey graphic.
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