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Website Analysis Report

Is your website converting users into customers? How quickly does your website load on a 4G connection? What is the most popular content on your site?

With one of our comprehensive website reports you can benchmark your website’s performance against those of your competitors and learn from industry best-practice.

By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your website our report will help inform your online strategy going forward.

Assess, Understand, Optimise

The Website Performance Analysis Report digs deeply into the statistics and performance of your website.

All of these factors need to work together to ensure that your website attracts, convinces and converts potential customers, ultimately delivering revenue and bottom line benefits to your business.

If you’re not sure what style of website will suit your requirements,  call us on the number at the top right of the page and we’ll be delighted to discuss your practical requirements to help you find the site that will bring you most value.

Example Report Benefits

  • Is my website attracting visitors?
  • Are they being drawn to the right areas and sources of information?
  • Are they being delivered clear calls to action and responding to them?
  • Does my website deliver valuable leads that can be actively pursued and converted into paying customers?

Drop Off

Why are potential customers leaving your website? Our report can highlight improvements that can result in greater sales and leads generated.

Speed Demon

Is your website speed impeding sales? Is your hosting to blame or is it the web pages themselves? How can the situation be improved?

Journey Time

What is the standard user journey through your website? Does it result in positive or negative outcomes? We can provide a comprehensive analysis.


What is the standard profile of someone who visits your website? Where are they from? How old are they? What devices do they use? We can find out.

With all this information we are able to discern what potential digital marketing strategies your competitors are using and how they stack up compared to you. We get to use all their best tactics that work and apply it to your website over time.

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Know Your Competitors?

It’s hard to grow a business without information on your competitors. We can help.

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Know Your Customers?

Having a strong insight into customer behaviours and demographics can  result in greater sales.

We work with clients that need to understand customers & competitors.


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Alan from Contact was recently a presenter at our workshop for Collabor8te members, giving a very informative and common-sense session. His knowledge of SEO is clear but what’s really impressive for someone who works in what is sometimes seen as some kind of black art, is that Alan also really understands marketing so everything is linked together. Definitely recommended if you’re looking to get better results from your website and digital marketing!”

Teresa Jackson

Director, Collabor8te

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Our experience with Contact has been excellent – they are very reliable and easy to work with, dealing with requests in a timely fashion and relaying information/feedback on a regular basis. The team is full of great ideas and we have seen the results of this hard work very quickly. We would recommend Contact to anyone looking for a fresh approach to SEO and hope to continue working with them for a long time.

Candice Nicol, Director at Catherine's of Partick

Candice Nicol

Director, Catherines of Partick

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I’ve worked with Alan from Contact twice now – first at a Social Media seminar when his presentation gave insight into SEO and social media engagement; and second when he conducted a training afternoon for us on Data Analytics. On both occasions, he received excellent feedback from attendees and we plan to hold a follow-up session next year.

Nikki Simpson

PPA Scotland

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“Contact are an exceptionally talented company, knowledgeable and personable individuals. They turned what had become somewhat of a headache for me into nothing short of a delight. Nothing is ever too much trouble and in fact going above and beyond is simply part of this package. Contact are a rare mix able to blow you away with both technical solutions and creative ideas. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Them, grab it with both hands. Friendly, fun and enthusiastic at all times…a sheer delight.”

Alison McKay

Voiceover Artist

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