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Customer Insight Report

Do you understand the motivations of your customer? Do you understand their behaviours leading up to a purchase? Do customers visit your website 5 times before making a purchase? Do they follow you on social media?

By analysing the behaviours of your customers online we can create an informative and actionable report that will help you guide more customers to the point of conversion.

We promise to go into ridiculous detail.

We won’t abandon you with the results either: by consultation over the phone, by meeting in person or with detailed support documentation we can help you turn analysis into action and reports into results.


What topics/keywords to use in your Social Media, Blog Articles & Email campaigns to help connect with existing and potential customers; save time brainstorming by knowing what people want to read about.


Gain marketing focus by learning the search terms potential customers are using and how attainable those keywords are in Google’s Search Engine for Page 1 rankings. Inform your SEO campaigns and Content Marketing plans.


New products you could supply to your customers, how your customers describe your products & geo-location searches for future expansion decisions. Get the answers to those important business questions.


The estimated cost and the competition levels for using Google AdWords and discern the potential return on investment (ROI) using your website’s current average conversion numbers to ensure a successful campaign.

Understanding customer needs is vital to any sales and marketing strategy. Your product or service can be the answer they're looking for.

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Assess, Understand, Win

Instead of an unfiltered scattergun approach, we can help you to focus in on the actual demand for your products and help create a long-term content strategy that is driven by what people actually want.

We find hundreds, potentially thousands of combinations your customers are looking for or talking about, ensuring we cover as many possibilities as we can. We then list them in order of demand and what your website could currently compete for online in a handy excel sheet that you can search through.

We consider this insight to be the core of any marketing/sales campaign – it’s ideal for understanding just where you should focus your business resources and budgets.  By making creating strategies much easier, you will benefit time and time again when launching new campaigns.

Example Report Benefits

  • Discover if Amazon or eBay show up in the results for your product and plan a strategy around harder competitors.
  • Discover if a YouTube or other videos, local maps, news items, images show up in the top Google results for your target keywords and discern if there is scope for you to create similar content.
  • If we’re doing your SEO campaign, we gain extra detail that can help us to make more precise campaign strategy decisions which means your budget will go further

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Know Your Competitors?

It’s hard to grow a business without information on your competitors. Let us help.

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Struggling to Convert?

If you have promoted an existing website but are disappointed with the results, get in touch with us.

We work with clients that need to understand customers & competitors.


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Alan from Contact was recently a presenter at our workshop for Collabor8te members, giving a very informative and common-sense session. His knowledge of SEO is clear but what’s really impressive for someone who works in what is sometimes seen as some kind of black art, is that Alan also really understands marketing so everything is linked together. Definitely recommended if you’re looking to get better results from your website and digital marketing!”

Teresa Jackson

Director, Collabor8te

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Our experience with Contact has been excellent – they are very reliable and easy to work with, dealing with requests in a timely fashion and relaying information/feedback on a regular basis. The team is full of great ideas and we have seen the results of this hard work very quickly. We would recommend Contact to anyone looking for a fresh approach to SEO and hope to continue working with them for a long time.

Candice Nicol, Director at Catherine's of Partick

Candice Nicol

Director, Catherines of Partick

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I’ve worked with Alan from Contact twice now – first at a Social Media seminar when his presentation gave insight into SEO and social media engagement; and second when he conducted a training afternoon for us on Data Analytics. On both occasions, he received excellent feedback from attendees and we plan to hold a follow-up session next year.

Nikki Simpson

PPA Scotland

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“Contact are an exceptionally talented company, knowledgeable and personable individuals. They turned what had become somewhat of a headache for me into nothing short of a delight. Nothing is ever too much trouble and in fact going above and beyond is simply part of this package. Contact are a rare mix able to blow you away with both technical solutions and creative ideas. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Them, grab it with both hands. Friendly, fun and enthusiastic at all times…a sheer delight.”

Alison McKay

Voiceover Artist

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